Bespoke projects

Living Walls

Living walls are panels of plants, grown vertically using hydroponics on structures either attached to walls or freestanding. We build the structure to house the plants, including hidden pipes providing a self-watering system. Living plants naturally take in carbon dioxide and pollutants, expelling fresh, clean oxygen to improve the air quality. This can provide health benefits as well as being aesthetically pleasing and improving the building’s appearance, adding colour and texture.

Exterior living walls can insulate the building and reduce energy costs for heating the building in winter, as well as providing shade from the effects of direct sunlight in the summer due to plants reflecting solar energy rather than storing it like brick or concrete.

Living walls of lush foliage bring bland spaces to life; creating visual impact, transforming unimpressive functional spaces into vertical landscapes and creating a general sense of well-being and reducing noise levels.

Casing Columns

We install casings to provide decorative and cost effective solutions to allow structural elements to be encased and overclad. Casings can also be used to provide exciting architectural design features to buildings.

A stylish and integrated finish to conceal structural columns simply, quickly and cost effectively.

Standing Seam Roof and Wall

A lightweight alternative to traditional roof materials, aesthetically pleasing, quick to install and perfect for weatherproofing an urban building.